Advance Resolution Services Helping clients develop practical, affordable and efficient solutions during separation, divorce & co-parenting.

Relationships Restructured

Would you like to reduce the stress and overwhelm of your divorce or separation?

Are you ready to find solutions to co-parenting challenges that keep your kids out of the middle, but at the centre of your co-parenting relationship?

Do you need help finding ways to make decisions with confidence and clarity?

Are you confused by conflicting opinions and information about how to go through your separation or divorce? Are you ready to claim your place as the expert of your own life?

At Advance Resolution Services, we help clients focus on well-being through family change by providing mediation, one on one support, and education services.

We would love to work with you!

Advance Resolution Services

Moving Forward Through Family Change


We offer mediation services to individuals who are restructuring their families during separation or divorce. We also help co-parents to resolve issues and to develop workable parenting plans.


We can provide 1-1 support at various stages of the restructuring process to support clients to gain strength, clarity, and confidence. We can also help with understanding and developing skills to address interpersonal conflicts with confidence.


We can provide workshops for groups and organizations on communication, conflict resolution, and managing conflict effectively to prevent long-term, unresolved stress.

About Advance Resolution Services

Advance Resolution Services was developed out of a belief that families can thrive during restructuring when they have adequate support. I am passionate about helping clients and families find a practical, affordable and efficient path through their challenges which reduces stress, anxiety, confusion.