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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that helps people in conflict resolve their dispute. A neutral third person called a mediator assists the parties to clarify issues they want to discuss and facilitates a focused conversation with the goal of helping the parties to find workable resolutions. Mediation is a private process where the parties themselves make their own decisions. It is also an alternative to resolving family issues through litigation which is often a very long, expensive, and adversarial process.

Mediation can be particularly beneficial for parents who are separated but need to effectively co-parent and continue making joint decisions for their children. It can provide an opportunity for issues to be explored in a safe, supportive environment with assistance from a mediator.

At Advance Resolution Services, we have a specific focus of working with individuals who are restructuring their families during separation, divorce &/or co-parenting. With years of experience, we have a passion for helping the clients we work with to restore peace and well-being in their lives. Implementing safety screening for domestic violence also occurs with all separation and divorce mediations to ensure any safety issues are addressed appropriately.


Restructuring your family after separation and navigating your way through co-parenting can be some of the most challenging things you may ever do. It can be an overwhelming time where you experience anger, hurt, confusion, sadness, and stress. It can also be a time when you feel very much alone. I help people on this journey by providing 1-1 support at various stages of the restructuring process to gain strength, clarity, and confidence. Walking this journey together, we can reduce the overwhelm, and reclaim your confidence so that you can make the best decisions for yourself that align with your needs.


Experienced in workshop facilitation, we can provide workshops for groups and organizations on communication, conflict resolution, and managing conflict effectively to prevent long-term, unresolved stress. We are also motivated to tailor educational opportunities to meet other specific needs. Feel welcome to contact us for further information.

Service delivery is available virtually in a secure online video conferencing platform, or by telephone conference. This type of service delivery allows parties to meet from the comfort and safety of their own home. It also provides a convenient and affordable format for parties who live far apart, or who need appointments outside of usual business hours.

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